Quality policy

Quality Policy and Management Commitment of the Director

Driven by the vision of being the main supplier of USEFUL information allowing better decision-making for our customers & partners, MDS is committed to providing its customers with quality service, as soon as possible and at a competitive price. .

In order to ensure the effectiveness of this noble vision, we are working to set up the Quality management system ISO 9001 version 2015 which is being implemented. The successful implementation of this Quality policy requires the involvement and motivation of all staff, our suppliers, consultants, and partners in order to achieve the following objectives:


  • Achieve zero incident / accident by improving safety, health and working conditions
  • Favor the spirit of doing well ; adaptability and rigor
  • Invest in people through training


  • Set up a permanent improvement process, oriented towards customer satisfaction
  • Listening to customers to better understand their expectations
  • Respect our commitments in terms of quality, deadlines and prices


  • Target niches and increase our market share by favoring loyalty


  • Limit the impact on the environment by controlling consumption ; through waste management ; by preventing pollutants and by raising awareness and involving staff
  • Promote ethics and environmental protection


  • Organize a watch to work on the compliance of legal, regulatory and other requirements applicable to MDS

Our objectives are set out in the process dashboard and are reviewed at least once a year as part of the management review and the sustainability of the quality process management system depends on the commitment and motivation of each employee.

To implement these objectives, I believe each professional in our company acts accordingly and applies the following values :

  • Action: " Yes we can " attitude ;
  • Customer orientation : win-win partnership ;
  • Harmony : we pay attention to details, because we understand the impact of our action on their businesses ;
  • Integrity : team spirit first, mutual respect, sharing of information across the organization ;
  • Training : We are committed in continuous training and development of the career of our permanent consultant staff ;
  • Leadership: We strive to meet and exceed the standards and requirements of our business sector in order to emerge as a dominant player;
  • Responsiveness : “ responsivities ” (Our operations and processes are designed to respond quickly to the needs of our customers or even go beyond to ensure their satisfaction with our services;
  • Innovation: Always approach our customers with a “can do attitude while putting creativity in our responses to their needs

I am committed in promoting the continuous improvement of our processes and giving particular importance to the availability of resources to support this commitment. In addition ; I ask the quality manager to inform me of the progress made and to follow up on the activities in a spirit of responsibility, listening and dialogue.

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