Our Team

Simplice NGAMPOU

Founder & CEO-MDS

Simplice has a vast experience in the area of innovation and new product & concept development through both qualitative & quantitative approaches. He carried out numerous similar projects for various key clients such as BAT, Nestle, Diageo, Danone, SABC, etc…

He was previously a managing Director at Kantar/TNS Senegal and Kantar/TNS Cameroon. He has a track record of overseeing the execution of complex, multi-element projects, and ensuring that the outputs are integrated and actionable for the end client.

Simplice holds an MBA in principles of marketing research from the University of Georgia (USA) and Certificate of Proficiency in Quantitative Analysis Technics from The Burke institute Cincinnati (USA). He is a post graduate in Information & Decision Support Systems

He also holds Kantar/TNS accreditation level 2 in the areas of Innovation & Product Development (IPD); Conversion Model (Brand & Communication).

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Cyrille Stéphane KOUBOP

Data Processing Officer

Cyrille is a talented and diligent young man full of energy who started in data science since 2014 using Splunk Enterprise 6.x software, this was after graduating from master’s degree in fundamental computer science at University of Douala.
He has been a survey scripting programmer consultant from 2016 – 2018 at KANTAR/TNS he participated on more than 70 projects with the data processing department. Cyrille also served as an instructor in charge of the training of new scripting personnel.
As a software developer, he holds many certifications in several programming languages and he is also an owner of many IBM recognitions and badges from bigdatauniversity.com

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Gwendoline SIMO

Executive Assistant – Accountant

Lynn as we call her is a young hardworking lady

full of experience in many domains like management, accounting etc.

She read banking and finance, accounting, audit and control. She is holder of a bachelors’ degree since 2015.

Before joining MDS in 2017, her good mastering of accounting and banking softwares such as login banque, Orjon, alt microfi, Gescom, Sage 100… gave her the ticket to work with some micro finance intititions, a bank and other enterprises (ATLANTIC BANK, CEPAC, MUFFA, …)